The 5 times rule: how to make your pitch stand out and a seminarium

If you live in Sweden, you might want to attend my seminarium next 6th march.
If you are reading from abroad (welcome!) scroll down to some more reading.

Seminarium is free entrance. Together we will revise your promotional material, your marketing approach and give you some tools to work more effectively. I will give you some suggestions on how to breakthrough internationally.

Organised by Kulturakademin Trappan and Musikalliansen

Kulturakademien Trappan is supported by Kulturnämnden och Regionutvecklingsnämnden i Västra Götaland.


How to make your pitch stand out?

When I mentioned before that now is always a good time to start, I was wondering if you have ever thought about how can you promote yourself in a effective way. Do you have a visit card, a mail signature or a youtube channel? Most of the musicians don’t organise their inbox mail and feel confused when someone asks them which music genre they play. A lot of questions that should be answered in order of priority. The first question that come to my mind is: what´s your artist identity?

Here some ways to make you answer:

– Prepare a good one-liner and stick with it. After saying it 5 times, you will feel confident. When you feel confident, it´s easier to others believe in what you saying.

– Write it on your website, on promotion materials, on mails, on Facebook.

– Be prepared when someone ask you something related with that: “I heard you play (…)” or “Can you explain why you think your last record is (…)”

– Make your network repeat it for you. We all have key people who help us to move forward and expose our works, who are they? Identify them and make them repeat it, so they can learn it too.

Out of topic but another 5-time rule I heard this weekend at the Nya Arrangörer seminarium is that you should shake a clients hand 5 times before you actually do business. Confidence is our common ground.

Let´s work on that. Write down your one-liner.

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