Why you should go to an international music fair?

At least twice a year you should consider to visit a music fair. Not only is the place where you can find everyone in the bransch but it is fun and inspiring to see so many live concerts and understand what your colleagues are doing. The music fairs are The place where you should invest your economy because it will pay off sooner or later. I can give you some coaching about how to be succeed at a music fair, which preparation you should have and how your expectations and follow up are essential for your success in this experience.

There are general music fairs to specific regions like Atlantic Music Expo is for portuguese-speaking countries or Babel for french-speaking countries and music fairs with specific music focus with professionals from all over the world as Jazzahead for jazz or Womex for world music and folk. Choose which one is more suitable to your project. At this point you should have decided: time and place for your next project so it is easy to pick the music fair that suits you best!

Some important music fairs are:
Classical: Next
Canadian Music Week
FAI Folk Alliance International
Visa for Music
SXSW South by Southwest
Among others.

Choose the right one. Bring your pitch. Or write me.

I will be at Jazzahead and look forward to meet you! My booth is 6E11 (Sweden)

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