All started in 2003 in Portugal. Among many other productions we can emphasize: Howe Gelb (US), Elysian Fields (US), Logh (SE), Perry Blake (IR), Musidancas festival (PT/Brazil/Africa), Medusa festival (PT/UK/HU), Taxi Lisboa (PT).

Silvia Sardeira is also recognised for starting & developing the well-established stage Santiago Alquimista, one of Portugal´s foremost music venues in the 00´s. In addition, she was the founder of Criasons, a music agency with a strong career-building & artist development ethos. Criasons signed its first artist Noiserv in 2009, who turned to be a long lasting and successful partnership up until today.

In 2010 the agency opens its doors in Sweden, fostering the mobility and the visibility of Portuguese artists, like Teresa Salgueiro, Noiserv, Melech Mechaya and producing Casa de Fado. The agency signs its first film production Lisbon Revisited, screened in Stockholm and in Lisbon.
In 2012 the renowned Kroumata Percussion hires Silvia Sardeira as their international manager, resulting in successful tours to Australia, USA, Argentina and Uruguay, China, Southern and Eastern Europe.
In the same line of work, Silvia has been responsible for regular export projects while doing consultancy for MTA Production, with successful productions in North America, Finland, China, UK, South Korea, Malaysia, UAE and Spain with groups like Tarabband, ODE and Emilia Amper, Abalone Dots or Lena Willemark. We also take specific assignments like working visas or music fair applications in a regular basis.
Inspired by working with strongly committed artists like Lina Nyberg Band and Josef & Erica, Nils Berg Cinemascope, Susanna Risberg, exporting Swedish music has become a big part of Silvia´s work. She joined the Swedish Music Agency (Musikcentrum Väst) with the export project for the west coast artists, where Silvia´s responsibilities has been tour coordination, artist coaching for international career strategy and publication of educational material.
Attending music fairs is a big part of her work where Silvia proudly represents the best artists in Sweden. Silvia created and developed several projects, for more detailed info about them, you can go to Productions.
The company has been expanding its horizons by embracing innovative projects, such as SAMSPEL tour coordination in Sweden and building business opportunities to both music agencies and freelance musicians who want to invest in their future careers abroad. We embrace and nurture clients with a long-term perspective and strategy. Here you can see how we work. Contact us to