Welcome back!

After a long and relaxed, lovely summer here we are again with a full-booked autumn!

In September we will be debuting our new project Jazzambassaden with Malin Wättring 4 and Daniel Karlsson trio @ Opus Jazz club/Budapest Music Center, Hungary! This is an export project to promote Swedish jazz abroad, where we will partner with different jazzclubs all over the world to present Swedish music to new audiences!

Check the social media on #jazzambassaden and the wonderful poster by Rita M. Pereira. This project is funded by the Swedish Performing Arts Agency.

Summer time and all those festivals – why not?

It´s arriving!😁  The Summer is coming! ⛵️  Make it the most fun!

Play on “that” Festival and take vacations at the same time!  You are a musician or a manager or a booker or a programmer in the music business, work your “a*”-off the whole year and need your deserved holidays but at the same time want to be inspired, maybe listen to other bands or visit a new country? Book yourself to “that” festival and go, bring your family and friends and enjoy the opportunity!

Talking about Festivals: why not visit Scandinavia and our Festival this summer?
It´s free-entrance and during the whole July in different cities!
You can visit Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg and Gävle. This year even in Reykjavik and Copenhagen! Jazz summer festivals are amazing events to celebrate the sunny days and have a cool lovely time with all your friends and family. Jazz i Parken is a festival for everyone! Last year we met a turist couple who were visiting Sweden for the first time and were following our festival during their vacations! Such inspiration for this year too. And if you are a musician and want to play, you can join the impro-jam area or bring your children to the workshops area? Why not?!? 😁

We see each other for the most important timeframe of the year: September-December, I will explain why! At this time you should have checked:
✔  strategy for 2018
✔  promotional material
✔ contacts & network organised

Enjoy! Have a Great Summer! Follow us at #silvia_kulturfirma

Festival Summer Friends

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Why you should go to an international music fair?

At least twice a year you should consider to visit a music fair. Not only is the place where you can find everyone in the bransch but it is fun and inspiring to see so many live concerts and understand what your colleagues are doing. The music fairs are The place where you should invest your economy because it will pay off sooner or later. I can give you some coaching about how to be succeed at a music fair, which preparation you should have and how your expectations and follow up are essential for your success in this experience.

There are general music fairs to specific regions like Atlantic Music Expo is for portuguese-speaking countries or Babel for french-speaking countries and music fairs with specific music focus with professionals from all over the world as Jazzahead for jazz or Womex for world music and folk. Choose which one is more suitable to your project. At this point you should have decided: time and place for your next project so it is easy to pick the music fair that suits you best!

Some important music fairs are:
Classical: Next
Canadian Music Week
FAI Folk Alliance International
Visa for Music
SXSW South by Southwest
Among others.

Choose the right one. Bring your pitch. Or write me.

I will be at Jazzahead and look forward to meet you! My booth is 6E11 (Sweden)

The 5 times rule: how to make your pitch stand out and a seminarium

If you live in Sweden, you might want to attend my seminarium next 6th march.
If you are reading from abroad (welcome!) scroll down to some more reading.

Seminarium is free entrance. Together we will revise your promotional material, your marketing approach and give you some tools to work more effectively. I will give you some suggestions on how to breakthrough internationally.

Organised by Kulturakademin Trappan and Musikalliansen

Kulturakademien Trappan is supported by Kulturnämnden och Regionutvecklingsnämnden i Västra Götaland.


How to make your pitch stand out?

When I mentioned before that now is always a good time to start, I was wondering if you have ever thought about how can you promote yourself in a effective way. Do you have a visit card, a mail signature or a youtube channel? Most of the musicians don’t organise their inbox mail and feel confused when someone asks them which music genre they play. A lot of questions that should be answered in order of priority. The first question that come to my mind is: what´s your artist identity?

Here some ways to make you answer:

– Prepare a good one-liner and stick with it. After saying it 5 times, you will feel confident. When you feel confident, it´s easier to others believe in what you saying.

– Write it on your website, on promotion materials, on mails, on Facebook.

– Be prepared when someone ask you something related with that: “I heard you play (…)” or “Can you explain why you think your last record is (…)”

– Make your network repeat it for you. We all have key people who help us to move forward and expose our works, who are they? Identify them and make them repeat it, so they can learn it too.

Out of topic but another 5-time rule I heard this weekend at the Nya Arrangörer seminarium is that you should shake a clients hand 5 times before you actually do business. Confidence is our common ground.

Let´s work on that. Write down your one-liner.

To stay focused in your own corner..

Now is the perfect time to plan and think about the year ahead. Look for new colours, compose new songs, engage more people in your world and update your promo material.

This time of the year is particularly important to organise your desk. Buy a good planner, clean your dropbox and desktop, write down what´s next: new album? new press kit? new plans? maybe update the website? complete what you usually don’t have time to do and decide faster, trust more in your instinct to what should be left behind. In short, redefine your priorities.

Some say you should be adding +4 people in your social media every month. Did I mentioned Facebook? Love or hate it, it´s there and people use it. Your key people are there. Go through all the posts in Jazz Fuel, they are precious! And believe in this quote: “a promoter amplifies what you provide. The more active you are, the more exposure you get.”

You will be very active this year and I will help you with that. Where to start? Here.