To stay focused in your own corner..

Now is the perfect time to plan and think about the year ahead. Look for new colours, compose new songs, engage more people in your world and update your promo material.

This time of the year is particularly important to organise your desk. Buy a good planner, clean your dropbox and desktop, write down what´s next: new album? new press kit? new plans? maybe update the website? complete what you usually don’t have time to do and decide faster, trust more in your instinct to what should be left behind. In short, redefine your priorities.

Some say you should be adding +4 people in your social media every month. Did I mentioned Facebook? Love or hate it, it´s there and people use it. Your key people are there. Go through all the posts in Jazz Fuel, they are precious! And believe in this quote: “a promoter amplifies what you provide. The more active you are, the more exposure you get.”

You will be very active this year and I will help you with that. Where to start? Here.